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The Te Aute Trust Board was formally established in 1862 by a resolution passed by George Augustus Selwyn, the Bishop of New Zealand, in accordance with the powers conveyed to him under the provisions of The Bishop of New Zealand Trusts Act 1958.


The resolution passed placed into trust lands previously transferred to the Anglican Church by way of grants from local Iwi and the Crown to create a perpetual endowment for the establishment and maintenance of schools at Te Aute and in the district of Ahuriri for the education children.


The establishment of the Trust actually post dates the opening of Te Aute College which first started operation in 1854.  The opening of Te Aute College was followed by the opening of Hukarere Girls’ College in 1875. 


These schools continue to operate today, Te Aute on its original site at Pukehou, and Hukarere transferring from Napier to its present site in the Eskdale Valley in 2004.


The schools are both Integrated with a Maori- Anglican special character.  The Te Aute Trust Board is the Proprietor in respect to both schools and operator of the Boarding facilities with are integral to the successful operation of each school.


The Trust Board remains responsible for the management of the Trust’s endowment which today is represented by the 800Ha Te Aute Farm located adjacent to Te Aute College, lessors interest of in excess of 1900Ha of farm land at and around Pukehou and a 190Ha dairy farm at Ngawapurua in the Waiarapa.


The Te Aute Trust Board is assisted in its role and has welcomed and benefited from the attendance of Honorary Mana Whenua Advisors, representatives of local Iwi, at its meetings. 

The Trust Board maintains relationships with the Boards of Trustees of Hukarere and Te Aute, these Board’s being responsible for educational achievement at each of the kura.

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